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Happy Halloween

Nothing WoW related here today, just an epic video. If you’ve never actually watched the Thriller video in it’s entirety, or simply haven’t seen it in years, you should take 14 minutes to do so now. It keeps going even after the credits start rolling. It’s a truly big deal.

This Should Totally Trend On Twitter…

It’s a rather daunting task (thanks to all the gold farmers and hackers who post videos constantly) but I like to type “world of warcraft” into YouTube’s search box about once a month and sort videos by Upload Date to see if there have been any great WoW-based videos recently uploaded. Why do I do it? I like to think it’s because I am the sort of generous soul who willingly devotes a certain amount of time to appreciating the arts and welcomes the chance to expose my audience to the new and wonderful things our fellow human beings create. But let’s be honest, it’s mostly because I am a mediocre blogger and a half-ass WoW player who frequently runs out of post ideas. Yep, it’s because I’m lazy.

No matter the “why” of it all, it’s a glorious thing indeed when I find a real gem and can share it with the 5 of you. Today is one of those times. Not only should everyone watch this video and share it with your friends, we should totally make this a trending topic on Twitter #Shit[insert your race here]NeverSay. Make it happen people.

And now for your viewing pleasure, I proudly present Shit Orcs Never Say

The One Where I Talk About Blizzcon

As someone who is normally away from my pc and the internet for the majority of weekends, I was thrilled to have a rare and mega-nerdy weekend at home with Blizzcon Virtual Ticket live-streaming over my TV (via laptop) and World Of Warcraft running for HOURS at a time on my desktop. It was two glorious days of geeking out. The extra amount of time I got to spend in-game resulted in some good solid guild rep gains and getting Morena up from level 75 to level 77. But even though it was cool to get some extra game time, we all know that it was getting to watch Blizzcon that was the highlight of my weekend. Blizzard had a lot of things to talk about this year with Diablo III, Starcraft II: Heart of the Storm, and the official announcement of the next WoW expansion.

Of course, I’m really only interested in the World of Warcraft content so I watched all of the WoW panels and Q&A’s. Which means I heard and saw a lot about Mists of Pandaria and the upcoming changes to talents, dungeons, pets, etc. I know a lot of people in the community have a lot of things to say about all of these things. I can definitively tell you I have no interest in the whole pets combat thing and will likely not pay it any attention in the least; but the rest of the stuff, I just don’t have any strong feelings one way or another. I guess it’s because I have such a strong social tie to the game that my future with WoW will depend on if I’m getting what I need from it on a social level. If a huge chunk of this community that I love so much decides not to continue after the xpac then I would have to take a serious look into if I will still enjoy playing. But there’s certainly no point for me to worry about that until it does or does not happen.

This is my 2nd year in a row ordering the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket and while I do enjoy the announcements and previews and dev panels, etc. the live stream makes it seem like the entire convention is nothing more than sitting or standing in front of one of the stages listening or watching the current event. They never show any hint of what may be going on away from the stages. In my mind the outer fringes of the convention center is a party zone of activity with people running around in costume and thousands of photos being snapped. I can picture groups of people huddled up and chatting excitedly and loudly, resulting in an overwhelming amount of noise being generated overall. But I can never confirm if this truly happens. They never show any behind the scenes stuff. Someone out there please tell me Blizzcon is more than sitting in a darkened auditorium staring at a stage.

Of course I enjoyed the costume contest and sort of enjoyed the dance contest (surely most of those people don’t truly think they can dance?) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jay Mohr was actually funny this year; because last year, not so much. And while there were a lot of Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner’s and Tyrande Whisperwind’s, they were all actually really cool. But I’m sure we can all agree that the Terran Adjutant from Starcraft II just blew it out of the water.

Here’s a gallery that features some of the great ones and below is a video of the 3 winners.

The One Where I Share Cool Things

Things have been kind of quiet around here AND I TOTALLY HATE THAT so I thought I’d make myself feel a tiny bit useful by sharing some recently discovered links to some really cool things.

Let’s just start right off with an absolutely perfect new WoW parody video Rolling With Mad Deeps (Adele Cover). Seriously very funny. It’s brand new, it needs the exposure, share this shit with your friends.

Beyond Bloody Rare: A Guide To All Rares – this is a great guide and I actually learned about some NPC spawns I didn’t even know existed. It tells you what loot they drop, what spells they cast, etc. A word of advice in case you’re a dork like me – there are tabs to click on to view the list for other zones. For example, directly underneath where it says Cataclysm Rares you will need to click on the zone name to view the list. Includes information about the Northrend and Outlands achievements and also rare spawns from classic instances. Check it out!

The new Disciplinary Action comic Episode #28: One Of These Things Is Just Like The Other will really strike a chord with anyone who has ever ran a random pug. Absolutely brilliant.

And last but not least, it’s story time – World Of Warcraft GMs Have A Sense Of Humor. Funny stuff right there folks.

An Epic Tale Of Brothers… And Their Beer

While bumbling around youtube on my phone last night at work I happened across this newly published video that is not only REALLY well done, but also made me LOL. Everyone should check it out.

Funny Video: WoW vs. RIFT

I saw this on WoW Insider and had to share. Also, I have managed to oversleep every day for the past 4 days (hope I’m not getting sick) and I didn’t get a Monday morning post up. So this is perfect filler material. 🙂

The One Where Elfi Raps

I apologize in advance for what you are about to hear.