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IntPiPoMo 2014: It’s Just A Little Spider

First of all, let me just say if you are reading this post through a feed reader or email, etc, you should really take a quick minute to hop over to my blog directly and check out my new updated look. The background & header have been changed to reflect the Warlords era and the theme color has changed to match them. It looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Now, down to business. We’re more than halfway through the month and I’ve only posted 5 pictures for IntPiPoMo when the goal is 50. I’m such a slacker. But honestly, I’m too damn busy playing the game to bother writing blog posts and also, I wanted to give everyone a little bit of time to see things so that none of my screenshots were spoilers. Which is why I’m going to start off a bit generic here and show you screenshots of an NPC conversation that is not relevant to gameplay or storyline. This is simply something I stumbled across while wandering around; one of those auto conversations between non-essential NPCs that gets repeated on a loop. Luckily as I was running by them on a way to complete a quest, the word spider caught my eye and I stopped to take a look. What I found was hilarious.







Screenshot Saturday

Uldum is a fascinating place for many reasons: the Indiana Jones references, the stunning Egyptian-style architecture, the cool cat-people and the fact that it contains a 5 man dungeon which you can actually walk right down the middle of even when you’re not in the instance. Of course, I’m talking about the Lost City of Tol’vir. Now you won’t see General Husam, Lockmaw, or High Prophet Barim while you’re strolling down the streets of this lost city, but you can actually see Siamat – a scary air elemental that is somehow held prisoner above the city in a fairly open balcony of sorts. Obviously he’s magically imprisoned more than physically imprisoned. Either way, while your there it’s always fun to fly right up to him and thumb your nose at him. You know, just to see what happens.