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Silly Minipost, Just Because I Can

I have these weird issues where I don’t want the internet to be mad at me so with me being completely aware how far behind the curve my dps is, I have not been running 5 mans – heroic or otherwise. I’d say the last time I was in a MoP dungeon was probably early December. Out of all the heroics there are in Pandaland, I had only set foot in 3 of them up until yesterday. Yesterday I decided to brave up and see if all of the work I’ve been doing to improve is actually working. I queued for a random and unfortunately got Gate of the Setting Sun which I had never been in before. So great, on top of already being worried I was going to be yelled at and kicked in general, now I gotta worry that I have no idea what any of the bosses do.

Well I’m happy to report I did not get yelled at once, or kicked. In fact, the purpose of this post is to show you my dps. Keep in mind I was a bit derpy due to not being aware of what was going to happen and where I should be standing. So I could have actually had higher numbers if not for the times I was running for my life to get out of shit on the ground. Yep, I’d say I’m improving. I think I might start doing more heroics now.

(mine’s the one that says Elfindale, just in case you’re wondering :P)
Heroic Gate of the Setting Sun