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I Have Finally Caught The Fever

This is just going to be a quick blurb of a post. I had planned a much bigger post on the subject for this past Monday but things have decided to blow up every night at work so far and my entire schedule has been thrown off. So I promise sometime in the future, when I can provide screenshots and more details about my character specifically, I will revisit this topic.

Oh wait, you don’t even know what the topic is yet. It’s transmogging. I have finally caught the fever. It’s been all the rage for quite a while now with most everyone else in Azeroth but I just never really had the energy to worry about it. I imagine that is tied to my previously mentioned “lack of love” for my main.

But now I’m rolling with a new Elfi and even though she’s low-level I am already ooohing and aaahing over the few pieces of green gear she’s gotten and tucking away the ones I like the looks of in my tiny ass bank slots. I really need to make some gold and buy more bank and bag space. So anyway, yeah, I have finally gotten excited about transmogging. I do realize that by the time I get to 85 with her I will find so many more pieces I like better than the ones I’m stashing now, but I figure I should save the pretty ones just in case. I mean, you never know what I might end up liking.

Alright, that’s it for now. Not really exciting for you guys to read but I am just thrilled to not only be really happy with my choice of new character but to also have a new in-game hobby that entertains me.

And of course, I know all you good people probably already know about this site, but in my new found love of mogging I have become addicted to Go Mog Yourself. If you don’t know about it or have never checked it out… RUN THERE IMMEDIATELY. You won’t be disappointed.